4 Reasons You Need Client Book

By: Teamwork Retail

Client Book

The Client Book app functions similarly to POS that improves and simplifies customer management and relations, keeping all client information in one place.

  • It attaches to and interacts with CRM, just like POS
  • It has the capability to Add, Find, Edit and Save client profile, just like POS
  • It has the capability to see the status of all stored values, just like POS (LRP, Rewards Cards, Coupons, etc.)
  • It has the capability to see client purchase history by products purchased in reverse-chronological sequence, just like the member site.

Client Book – Beyond POS

While Client Book covers most of the basic client features that POS supports, it really goes above and beyond with additional features that are specific only to Client Book.

Among other features, you’ll be able to

  • Assign a preferred associate to a client
  • Display the date of a customer’s last activity or sale
  • Send out targeted emails marketing specifically to each client
  • Create employee To Do lists
  • Create customizable opening or closing email messages, as well as having multiple signature lines for each employee depending on the email (for example, having a different signature when sending a marketing email vs. a personal client email).
  • Instantly view basic statistics, such as the total number of transactions, broken down by lifetime and month-by-month
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