Cloud computing, retail industry are ‘perfect match’

By: Teamwork Retail

Cloud computing is much more than a technology that makes it easier for businesses to achieve similar functionality to on-premise equipment without the management headaches. The solution is ideal for companies that experience peaks and valleys with their operations. CIO contributor Janel Ryan recently asserted retailers and and financial services firms are the perfect match for the cloud.

Ryan explained cloud computing services enable these companies to expand operations and leverage IT resources during fluctuating cycles.

“Need more capacity to handle late-summer back-to-school sales or to support a website for a trendy service? You can throttle up capacity for several months to support the peak period and then scale back when activities return to normal. Similarly, you can match capacity to demands as business units grow and contract over time. This helps align IT spending with actual needs,” Ryan wrote.

Retailers in particular should consider adopting cloud computing as a way to completely reshape how they use point-of-sale systems. Mobile retail POS software backed by cloud environments offers functionality not possible with outdated equipment. Combined, these solutions enable employees to access data generated by customer purchases, rewards programs and inventory stock from Internet-connected devices such as PCs, tablets and smartphones. Personnel with this capability can have a real-time view into what’s occurring throughout the organization.

Brands that have yet to consider adopting cloud computing in any capacity up to this point should look into how mobile POS solutions accessible through cloud computing can deliver new efficiencies to their operations. Firms still wary of whether the technology is right for them should realize cloud applications are available through subscription pricing models, so there is no long-term vendor lock-in if they are uncomfortable using the service at any point.

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