Communication is essential to successful omni-channel retailing

By: Teamwork Retail

It is becoming clear that omni-channel retailing, although essential in a highly competitive commerce industry, is not the easiest strategy to execute. Businesses must approach their audiences and operations more efficiently to drive sales across brick-and-mortar stores, e-commerce websites, mobile devices and social networks.

Fourth Source contributor Paul Murphy recently suggested communication is critical for omni-channel retailing. In this particular industry, interactions occur through a variety of methods, so exchanges “must be prompt, reliable and direct.”

This capability is not easy, given that businesses have so many different consumer groups to support and internal departments to manage. Companies that update their point-of-sale systems may find that communication on an organization-wide scale is challenging. A cloud-based POS, however, is far more capable in this regard, allowing all departments to access real-time data from Internet-connected devices.

This capability is ideal for employees who work at physical retail stores. Tablets have become popular devices throughout brick-and-mortar locations thanks to their portability. Staff members carrying iPads can access the cloud POS to view inventory availability, consumers’ previous purchases and loyalty rewards information to provide personalized service without delay.

Since cloud software is so accessible, communication should be taken to a new level, enabling all departments to base their decisions off of the latest data, conversing with one another when needed.

Murphy concluded that as the retail sector continues to evolve “beyond recognition,” communication that is both relevant and timely will be essential to delivering consistent customer experiences.

Retailers with outdated systems, especially POS solutions, simply cannot rise to the occasion and support their shoppers across the entire organization. Cloud computing has evolved to the point where the technology facilitates a competitive advantage on many levels, especially in terms of communication.

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