Current POS solutions are all about integration

By: Teamwork Retail

Stationary point-of-sale systems are more of a detriment to efficiency than some businesses may realize. These solutions are not flexible like mobile retail POS software that integrates with cloud computing, allowing the entire organization to view transactional data in real time. Whether employees are using PCs, tablets or smartphones, they can access the most relevant content regardless of physical location.

Cloud computing and mobile devices have formed a strong bond in recent years, thanks to the flexibility of both solutions. Retailers that replace their older PC-based systems in favor of these latest tools can achieve functionality not possible with legacy equipment. In addition to enhancing the entire decision-making process, retailers that adopt cloud computing no longer have to maintain the system themselves. All updates are handled on the vendor’s side, allowing the company to focus on other critical tasks, including customer service.

Tablets in particular are highly functional devices, offering similar capabilities to desktops and laptops but without the physical limitations these other products lack in terms of portability. Retailers can incorporate iPads into their stores for checkouts, allowing real estate once required for larger PCs to be turned into more shelf space.

The best mobile retail POS software also integrates with the most popular e-commerce solutions on the market, including Magento. The company now boasts that its system is used by more than 240,000 merchants globally. The suite is owned by eBay, so its reach in the online shopping space is far and wide.

Current POS solutions that include mobile functionality, are backed by flexible cloud environments and integrate with Magento are invaluable to brands. These tools can position retailers on the right track toward achieving operational efficiency, real-time data accessibility and access to audiences who are eager to research products and make purchases through online devices.

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