Digital and retail commerce sectors have ‘blurred’

By: Teamwork Retail

Retailers that give all of their audiences the necessary attention they are seeking will be in a position to thrive in the omni-channel marketplace. Today, shoppers are purchasing items through mobile devices, e-commerce websites and traditional brick-and-mortar establishments. Unfortunately, businesses have struggled to deliver consistent experiences to consumers across the entire organization.

In an interview with Forbes contributor CenturyLink Business, IDC Program Director Greg Girard said “online retailers are becoming more physical as brick and mortar stores are getting more digital.”

To offer seamless experiences across all retail channels, Girard told the news source that businesses have to make inventory visible at every sales point. Updating their technology could be one way brands can keep pace with more tech-savvy audiences.

“Technology is the consumer context,” Girard explained to the news provider. “You have to provide overarching technology to reach the consumer how he or she wants to be reached.”

Girard added that physical retail stores are changing, becoming more cognizant of displays and interactive areas of the stores that are backed by content.

Businesses still using outdated point-of-sale systems will be unable to capitalize on the omni-channel marketplace. This industry is the new face of the retail industry, bringing with it both challenges and opportunities.

With cloud-based omni-channel POS systems, retailers can have an organization-wide view of their inventory, allowing employees, regardless of which Internet-connected device in use, to access consumer data anywhere at any time. This level of insight will help workers offer personalized customer service quickly and efficiently based on their purchase histories, preferences and loyalty rewards.

Companies that take the steps necessary to replace aging equipment in favor of more functional and agile POS solutions should be able to overcome the challenges that have kept omni-channel retailers from reaping the rewards.

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