Efficient POS systems are nothing without proper security

By: Teamwork Retail

In their attempts to replace outdated point-of-sale solutions with more capable solutions, companies should never overlook security. Finding a flexible retail POS system at the cost of corporate safeguards will only result in more challenges for businesses in an industry that does not take too kindly to breaches.

Companies are responsible for keeping consumer payment information safe at all times. If this content is exposed, brands may face severe compliance fines for not following industry guidelines. The financial penalties are intensified when once-loyal consumers whose data is stolen decide they will purchase items from other businesses for their next orders.

The financial losses incurred by breaches are intensified through the constant coverage of widespread events. Retail giants such as Target are still in the news when events occur. If businesses as large as Target can become victims of malicious activity, small brands with limited resources are especially vulnerable to future incidents.

Retailers that want to find a functional and secure POS system should consider selecting cloud-based solutions backed by state-of-the-art corporate safeguards. Some POS vendors employ the latest monitoring services to secure any information stored in cloud environments.

But security is not only necessary for content hosted in the cloud. Safeguards are required for physical assets as well. Some POS vendors offer customers regulated climate control, long-term power generators and frequent hardware updates that not only maintain corporate safeguards, but also performance levels.

Much like any new product, POS solutions require the right planning and implementation to be successful and secure from the start of the deployment process. Retailers should not choose the most affordable POS system they find. Instead, companies should find the most functional and secure tools available to ensure operations are efficient and mission-critical data is protected 24/7.

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