Omni-channel blends the best of all retail worlds

By: Teamwork Retail

Retailers that treat their brick-and-mortar locations and digital commerce channels as separate entities will never be able to deliver seamless experiences to audiences across all purchasing options. Omni-channel strategies enable brands to accomplish this feat, as well as gain insight into key consumer data required to offer personalized service.

Inc. contributor Adam Fridman recently explained the impact of omni-channel operations. Firms with these strategies achieve integration of physical retail shops with mobile applications, websites, devices such as tablets for in-store purchases, kiosks and digital signs for complete shopping experiences.

Businesses that do not embrace omni-channel operations and stick with solely traditional brick-and-mortar stores may soon find they have been passed by more agile competitors. Fridman cited Blockbuster as one example of such an outcome, as the company faded in the face of increasing online competition.

“While there are advantages to a physical marketplace where customers can view the goods being sold, many shoppers, especially millennials, prefer to shop without pesky salespeople badgering them and with the opportunity to customize products using digital menu options. Fortunately, there are ways to bridge this divide,” Fridman wrote.

Omni-channel retailing is the way that companies can overcome this challenge. Making the most out of cross-sales strategies, however, requires an improved infrastructure and point-of-sale systems. Firms cannot rely on outdated POS solutions any longer and expect to support all audiences.

A cloud-based omni-channel POS connects all sales pipelines to cloud suites, enabling employees, regardless of location or device being used, to access real-time data to provide more personalized experiences for all audiences. Brands that want to maintain healthy relationships by offering timely deals for their preferred purchasing options may not have a better way of doing so than through such a solution.

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