POS systems have come a long way

By: Teamwork Retail

Businesses still relying on old point-of-sale systems should consider retiring these outdated solutions soon. Outdated equipment may still serve daily functions in some capacity, but shouldn't companies want to accomplish more than just getting by? If the competition is adopting the latest tools the market has to offer, brands cannot stand idle and be the last ones to make the switch.

Huffington Post contributor Lee Traupel recently detailed how newer POS solutions have brought impressive functionality to the table. Companies with modern systems can store and access data "on the fly," replace printed transactions with digital tools, achieve integration with their websites and physical sales terminals, gain insight into how popular products are and automate information related to inventory stock.

There are various types of POS solutions. For restaurants, the popular choice appears to be wireless systems, Traupel reported, due to their flexibility. Some businesses in this industry are also implementing handheld devices as well, which allow employees to receive orders more quickly. This function drives efficiency from the kitchen to the table.

Cloud-based POS solutions are also gaining steam, Traupel added.

Retailers should particularly consider the benefits of replacing on-premise equipment with flexible cloud environments. Cloud computing enables employees to use Internet-connected devices to access real-time data anywhere at any time, staying on top of trends pertaining to inventory stock and offering more personalized customer service based on the available information, including previous orders, preferences and loyalty rewards.

Technology is constantly evolving, and although some companies may feel that they do not always have to replace the old market offerings with the new, POS systems should not fall into such a category. These solutions deliver functionality that old equipment cannot, improving sales efficiency and data accessibility on a organization-wide scale.

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