Retail space at a premium? Free up even more shelf space

By: Teamwork Retail

When customers walk into any retail store, the layout of items is essential. In recent years, devices such as tablets have allowed businesses to maximize their shop space even further by transforming areas that were once home to bulky point-of-sale systems.

Apple’s iPad in particular can be a godsend to retailers that want to give their stores new life and functionality. Legacy POS systems like the ones described above do little to alleviate congestion during busy shopping seasons. With a tablet like Apple’s product, businesses can augment older tools or replace them entirely with a mobile retail POS systems that offers far more flexibility.

Businesses can turn areas of the store that were used for PC-based systems into interactive displays or space for products, while mounting iPad POS solutions throughout the location to make customer checkouts seamless. Consumers can also use iPads to check their loyalty rewards data quickly and easily, strengthening the brand-shopper dynamic.

Mobile POS systems figure to become an even greater industry staple throughout the retail sector. A Boston Retail Partners report indicated almost 300 percent more businesses will implement these solutions within two years. By October 2015, 350 percent more retailers will have the capability to process NFC payments. Within three years’ time, approximately 200 percent of brands expect to have geolocation services in place.

Ken Morris, principal of Boston Retail Partners, said mobile technology enables businesses to break down barriers between their digital shops and traditional stores. He indicated that much like Apple’s iTunes became the “killer app” for music, mobile solutions could accomplish a similar feat in the payments sector.

Retailers ready to infuse some much-needed life into their brick-and-mortar stores do not have to think outside the box. Mobile POS systems offer flexibility, efficiency and functionality that can help brands maximize sales and improve customer service.

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