Retailers require real-time information to succeed with cross-channel outreach

By: Teamwork Retail

Retailers communicate with customers and accept payments through multiple channels, including mobile devices, e-commerce websites and traditional brick-and-mortar locations. With purchases and interactions taking place on such a wide scale, businesses require insight to track orders, customer rewards information and other content with the goal of delivering personalized service. This capability, however, may be wrought with inefficiencies if firms are still relying on aging equipment that must be replaced soon.

IDC Retail Insights Senior Research Analyst Miya Knights suggested retailers are expected to unify their consumer engagement strategies by 2016, with the top 150 brands taking such an approach to achieve improved return on investment and customer loyalty.

This trend smashes any notion that merchants are dialing back their loyalty rewards focus. Instead, Knights indicated that digital is becoming a larger player in offering value to audiences, as well as provide critical insight for the brands themselves.

“Above all, retailers should look to how technology can enable them to start applying and fostering loyalty everywhere, embedding added value into every facet of the customer experience,” Knights added.

Retailers that want to improve their loyalty rewards offerings can do so through the latest tools on the market. Legacy point-of-sale systems are nearing ancient ages in terms of technology. A cloud-based omni-channel POS enables employees to access real-time data through cloud suites, regardless of which Internet-connected devices they are using or their physical location.

Achieving organization-wide insight into how all channels are performing will make it easier for representatives to craft marketing messages and special promotions based on this important information. By viewing order histories and available inventory, personnel can issue deals to consumers’ smartphones, tablets and email addresses or send materials the old-fashioned way directly to their homes to establish more personalized service.

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