Retailers should embrace change, not run from it

By: Teamwork Retail

Retailers, regardless of size, have to always keep an eye on the future to update their sales strategies, support the latest consumer preferences and replace aging equipment when needed. Even brands that have been in existence for nearly 200 years realize that change is necessary. A STORES Magazine report presented by the National Retail Federation detailed Brooks Brothers’ Global Transformation initiative to incorporate newer IT solutions, including more modern point-of-sale systems, enterprise resource planning software and product lifecycle management tools.

Brooks Brothers’ data processes are very much outdated when compared to the latest solutions available. The report indicated the business hopes to evolve from updating spreadsheets manually – a process that is both inefficient and error-prone.

“If you’d accidentally transpose a cell, you could throw off a forecast by tens of thousands of units,” said Brooks Brothers Chief Information Officer Sahal Laher, as quoted by the NRF. “It’s a big risk to the business.”

In terms of POS systems, retailers in general have a variety of options available. A mobile retail POS solution is ideal for businesses that want to achieve operational flexibility, specifically in terms of how employees work in their shops. Personnel equipped with tablets can roam stores freely, assisting customers with their needs immediately. Staff members are able to use these devices to view loyalty rewards, look at inventory stock and even complete purchases.

Cloud-based omni-channel POS tools are also a way for retailers to upgrade their infrastructure. Companies that have a sales presence at brick-and-mortar stores, e-commerce sites and mobile platforms can greatly benefit from this tool. Employees can view real-time data from all of these pipelines to offer personalized service to customers across the entire organization.

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