Still haven’t transitioned to omni-channel retailing? Time is running out

By: Teamwork Retail

Retailers without a firm grasp on omni-channel retailing may cede to their closest rivals if they do not approach this development head-on. Customers want consistent services, regardless of whether they prefer to find deals through social media or purchase goods through mobile devices, e-commerce websites and old-fashioned physical stores.

Managing these sales channels with traditional point-of-sale systems will not yield the efficiency advantages businesses require to thrive in this competitive marketplace. Omni-channel POS solutions enable brands to streamlined the checkout process across the entire organization, allowing employees to view developments occurring throughout all areas of the brand.

The latest tools can facilitate the omni-channel experience – something many retailers are struggling to achieve. A joint Capgemini Consulting and GS1 US survey discovered businesses are at a breaking point trying to manage all the devices used to purchase products and the data generated from these transactions.

Melanie Nuce, vice president of apparel and general Merchandise at GS1 US, asserted retailers are facing challenges blending channels together to support customer experiences.

“The industry needs to respond to strong demand for omni-channel capabilities and adopt common standards to drive the seamless integration of these key components,” Nuce added.

Omni-channel retailing POS software integrated with cost-effective technologies such cloud computing may be that industry standard required to deliver consistency. Data is only as good as how companies gain insight into this content to apply it throughout operations. Cloud computing is the perfect bridge between employees and their audiences. Workers, regardless of location, can use PCs, tablets and smartphones to view transaction information through cloud suites, making decisions quickly and efficiently about offering specials to customers based on their purchasing preferences.

Brands that have yet to discover the power of omni-channel retailing yet cannot wait until the well is dried up and all of their competitors are enjoying the benefits of these strategies.

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