Technology is the new face of retail

By: Teamwork Retail

The retail market has experienced key advantages in recent years, allowing brands to improve operational efficiency and customer service. Cloud computing and mobile devices in particular have had a significant influence on how businesses function.

An Express Computer report detailed how retailers are embracing cloud computing and mobile devices. One way these tools can help companies improve functionality is through new point-of-sale systems. A mobile POS is ideal for businesses eager to streamline order processing, regardless of whether they are large chains, independent brands or only operate at one location. Such a solution enables employees to roam stores freely to check item prices or even complete checkouts, minimizing wait times.

Staff members with access to a mobile POS suite can also promote improved brand loyalty. The news source indicated this system is effective for cross-selling opportunities. Personnel can show shoppers available discounts on products, identify complementary items and sign up consumers for loyalty rewards cards.

Retailers with a cloud-based POS system are able to take advantage of the cloud’s flexibility. The technology is accessible through the Internet, making it a natural fit in stores where personnel rely on mobile devices. Employees, regardless of physical location, can use PCs, tablets and smartphones to view critical data essential for making informed decisions pertaining to customers.

Cloud computing is also effective for replacing or augmenting legacy equipment. Businesses can procure cloud suites without devoting a large portion of their budgets toward systems that require upfront capital investments. Instead, companies can sign up for subscriptions or take advantage of vendors’ pay-as-you-go packages. In the latter scenario, firms are only charged for the resources they consume, ideal for retailers that must constantly tweak workloads to coincide with fluctuating demand.

Businesses that have yet to consider incorporating cloud computing or mobile devices should not wait too long to do so. Otherwise, they may be the last ones in their markets to leverage these important technologies.

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