Achieving Accurate Inventory, Part 1

By: Teamwork Retail

Keeping an accurate track of inventory is the bane (and responsibility) of retail general managers everywhere. Anyone that has ever been in a role that required regular inventory counting will gladly attest to the headache that it can be, and would happily grab for any technological upper hand they can gain over the clunkiness of the task. The unfortunate reality is that many retail managers are still using outdated technology from the 90s (or earlier) to do their inventory counts; much to their dismay, these user unfriendly systems are costing the company money and opportunities. Throughout the next two blogs, we will show why a cloud based POS can change how retail businesses everywhere see inventory counts and their impact on digital and retail sales.

dreamstime_xxl_41708900Importance of Accuracy

It has to be noted, that the importance of inventory cannot be understated. Next to enforcing cash handling policies and team leadership, the maintenance of accurate inventory counts is the most important tasks retail managers are responsible for. Inventory counts influence everything in retail, from forecasting to achieving sales, and of course, the ordering process. These days, however, inventory influences a store’s ability to interact with online shopping efforts in a never-before-seen level of connectedness that today’s consumers expect. Maintaining an accurate inventory prevents the angry customer that is created when someone orders an item online that hasn’t been in stock for weeks.

Enjoyable Inventory Counts

Anyone that has ever walked a store with a clipboard of inventory sheets and a pencil knows the dismay that inventory counts can cause. Even using semi-upgraded RF Guns or scanners is incredibly tedious, and those outdated pieces of technology are not exactly known for their ease of use. Worse yet, loading all of that data onto the dated computer systems awaiting in the back is yet another headache.
Well, no more. By switching to to Teamwork Retail’s omni-channel cloud based POS, you can enjoy using the very same iPad app that functions as your digital dashboard and register to do your inventory counts. No more double-loading, no more penciled handwriting, and no more laser scanners screaming at you. By upgrading to a 21st century cloud POS system, your inventory counts make effective, efficient live changes to all of your points of sale, digital and brick-and-mortar alike.


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