The Cloud: More Secure Than Traditional Servers?

By: Teamwork Retail

Most readers are probably at the “wait, what?” stage right now. That’s okay, the notion that cloud-based software could actually be more secure than their hosted counterparts seems like a farfetched notion. The reason for this is that cloud-based software feels less secure somehow, regardless of the reality. Today, we’ll show why our cloud-based POS is more secure than you’d initially think.

dreamstime_xxl_35897120Cloud and Traditional Similarities

Traditionally hosted IT securities (imagine a private on-site server or computer) feel more secure because they presumably have a single access point, whereas cloud-based software can have many more access points to the stored data. Simple logic states that the restricted access means heightened security, but that isn’t necessarily the case. Cloud and traditional software actually share many similarities in regards to security threats, namely:

  • Cyber attacks are carried out through vulnerabilities in the system, equally likely to be present in cloud or traditional systems
  • Most threats to internal data are caused, in some part, by internal human error
  • Both require server hosting somewhere, and a large portion of security is determined by the location and security around the primary server, not the number of access points

How Cloud Differs

Cloud-based software shares many of the same security checkpoints as a more linear, traditional IT model. Metaphorically, cloud-based software can be considered more like the wheels on a spoke, with many lines drawn to the center core, as opposed to a single line drawn by non-cloud software; in either case, the core is equally vulnerable to, and secure against, attack, regardless of the quantity of access points.

Cloud-based software also boasts a number of conveniences that traditional data infrastructure cannot hope to match, including:

  • Ease of access for many users
  • Real-time changes and updates system-wide
  • Far more possibilities for integrated programs
  • Greatly increased ability to switch out and intermingle devices on the system

For instance, our cloud-based POS allows retailers to utilize tablets and other convenient devices for a number of purposes, increasing efficiency and saving on tech costs. If security is less of a concern then it feels to be when considering the switch to cloud, then why not opt for the incredible convenience and efficiency your retail location could enjoy?


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