Expanding Made Easy

By: Teamwork Retail

Some small business owners fear expansion and opening new locations for their businesses. Whether they are worried about timing or resources, every business owner has his or her own reasons for preventing expansion. If your reason for not expanding your business is that you believe that you wouldn’t be able to keep track of more than one location, we have the technology for you.

Cloud Based POS

Everyone these days is raving about using cloud services for their professional and personal use, but how can it truly help your business? The cloud offers many convenient features, such as accessibility from any location. This means that you can view your data, adjust your communication, and track sales from any mobile device, anywhere in the world.

One of You is Plenty

Business owners, particularly those in retail, often panic at the idea of opening another store. There is only one of them, and employees and customers will undoubtedly need them at both locations. However, what if we could open an unlimited number of stores by simply turning on your mobile devices? Our POS system is designed to give you access to all the data you need, regardless of where the sales are happening—whether that is in-store or online.

Seamless Connectivity

Imagine being able to connect to all customers, no matter where they are. Online shopping, in-store pickup, rewards tracking—all these features are supported with Teamwork Retail’s software. Our goal is for business owners like yourself not to fear expansion. We want you to embrace the future of your business and know that we are here to provide you with a cloud-based POS software that can help you get to that future.

How have you seen POS grow businesses?

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