Power Outage? Don’t Fear the Knuckle Buster

By: Teamwork Retail

Any retail manager worth their salt knows exactly what to do in the event of a power outage: Pray that the power comes back on so that they don’t have to use the knuckle buster (aka . All joking aside, nobody wants to go back to the old days where credit cards were imprinted upon carbon paper to be charged later – this especially includes your customers.

Rejoice! The Knuckle Buster is No More!

Before the internet enabled near instantaneous digital pinging to align incoming credit card charges with the corresponding credit companies to ensure that cards actually carried the proper funds and weren’t fraudulent or flagged as stolen, the knuckle buster reigned supreme. These crude devices use multiple sheets of carbon paper, some carefully-written lines, and the inevitable “knuckle busting” that comes from cranking a handle on the small machine to slide a weight over paper and card, leaving an imprint for later charging. Today, we just swipe and move on – unless the power is out, of course.

The Power/Internet Problem

As mentioned above, a system that relies upon instantaneous pinging to work will absolutely fail without internet or power, which means your business grinds to a halt. In these rare circumstances, just about any business owner would gladly accept the risk of small sales potentially getting declined out later to capture far more sales with much less hassle than the knuckle buster provides. This is because your customers do not and will not want to wait around while your cashiers take 5 minutes per customer to manually ring them up. Oh, and if the power is out, then say goodbye to your digital or electronic cash registers, so you can take on additional time while they have to manually calculate sales tax, discounts, and coupons. Now, you see why knuckle busters and power outage crash kits are the bane of most retail managers.

Cloud-Based Computing

It is far more likely that your power will go out than your internet (especially if you have a backup internet option). For most cash registers, this distinction is a moot point, as any outage is enough to bring sales to a grinding halt, but cloud-based retail POS systems can and do function on tablets, which makes them power outage-proof. If you have internet, you have every system you need for hours. Best of all, many tablets can receive wireless internet from cell phone providers, which are almost never impacted by power outages; even one of these tablets is enough to outage-proof your registers in nearly all instances.

Worst Case Scenario

At Teamwork Retail, we’ve gone even beyond the problem of relying upon the internet to allow your retail POS system to ring up credit and debit cards as normal, only to securely and automatically charge them once the power is back on. This can be the difference between missing out on hundreds to thousands in sales during an outage and sailing through it as if nothing happened, which is a huge deal to any veteran retail manager.

If you’re interested in joining the future of retail sales, then contact the dedicated team at Teamwork Retail to learn more about our cloud-based retail POS systems, and what our comprehensive inventory management, CRM, and point-of-sale solution can do for your business.

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