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We’ve built a highly versatile Retail Management Suite. With our smart, fast, intuitive solution you can run your business without technological interferences. A built-in CRM suite pairs up with our Mobile Point of Sale and an array of different applications to effortlessly manage your retail business.

  • check icon Intuitive interface packed with in depth features
  • check icon Seamless integrations to many other retail platforms
  • check icon Cloud-based, centralized real-time data
  • check icon 12 retail apps that communicate with each other
  • check icon Comprehensive analytics to improve efficiency

Mobile Point of Sale

A robust, feature-rich tablet-based (iPad & iPhone) POS solution that can perform all sales workflow, including universal return/exchange processing, send sale orders, eCommerce/Web in-store pickup and store fullfillment for eCommerce/Web sales.

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Provides real time analytical data, including your company’s flash sales, sale by location, best sellers, sales volumne by hour, and employee performance reports.

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Allows company executives, store managers/employees to view real-time reports right from the iPad, with no need for a PC to run reports. Executives can use it to view reports from the iPad when “on-the-go”, as well as view full analytic capabilities from web-based cloud HQ.

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Time Card

An app used to track employee work hours using the more secure method of photo validation. It's used to clock in/out and manage breaks, including lunches. You are able to run detailed reports to see your employees time cards to help manage payroll.

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Allows you to schedule out your staff and any customer appointments. It works directly with POS so you don't have to have separate transactions for an appointment and can add physical items that are purchased to make a seamless check out for a customer.

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Stock Count

Used to schedule out a physical count for your inventory either quarterly or or biannually. It could also be scheduled whenever your company wants to conduct a physical count of store items. A mobile and easy way where you can count your items, so you don't have to use any 3rd party tools.

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Displays inventory that is used to manage all your store shipments.You can see detailed information on items that you are receiving, but also items that are being transferred in or out in order to complete a sale. With the flexibility to receive new inventory, to transferring items from store to store, to ensure you never miss a sale.

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Shopper Display

A tablet showing in-store advertising and converting to a rich detailed transaction display during the actual ringing up of a customer. Showing item by item pictures and prices. In states like NYC and California it is mandatory to have this display. Essentially a customer facing point of sale.

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Client Book

An updated take on a powerful tool to enhance the customer experience. It replaces any physical notebook your sales team has on their clients. The app lists all the customers accounts or any information that might be needed, as well as the ability to set tasks and log customer interactions. See who walks into the door and look up their information, including customer history.

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CRM Suite

We’ve built a highly versatile CRM suite to pair with our Retail Mobile Point of Sale System and Retail Management Solution.

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