Teamwork is built with a service-oriented architecture.

This translates into a software system that readily integrates with other applications and services. Using a set of well-engineered APIs, Teamwork exchanges data with other systems in a streamlined, contemporary fashion.

Teamwork's integration capabilities let you harness technology to create a deeper connection with customers and eliminate the “silo effect” created by separate systems that don’t share real-time data.

Legacy systems — conceived long before the widespread popularity of service-oriented architecture — create tremendous difficulty and often require costly integrations to adapt them to work across your whole company.

Teamwork facilitates a smooth exchange of data between services, including inventory, customer data, and ecommerce orders. With Teamwork at the heart of your retail operation, separate systems are able to interact more smoothly and create a seamless experience from the customer’s perspective.

This approach to integration also allows you to add one component of Teamwork – for example, our modern iOS-based POS system -- while still leveraging your investment in legacy systems that already do a good job handling other functions.

By building Teamwork with this in mind, we make it easier than ever to integrate:
  • ERP Systems
  • Ecommerce Platforms
  • Warehouse and third-party logistic providers
  • Accounting systems
  • Payment solutions
  • Providers of marketing and transactional email services
  • Customer-facing apps and loyalty programs

You don’t want to update everything; you want to integrate.

Why not make it easy? You don’t have to change all your legacy systems just because you want to update your POS. With our extensive commerce suite, we aim to provide a true omnichannel experience regardless of platform. Teamwork is able to integrate with most platforms and we like to make it easy. We have a development team here who can carry out integrations, but it is also accessible for others to integrate into us as well.

Be a partner and become a part of the ecosystem.

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