Mobile Loyalty Programs are Win/Win

By: Teamwork Retail

To many retail locations, the word smartphone is something like a voodoo term. The advent of the smartphone has rapidly altered the way people shop, and has had dramatic impacts on many retail locations. Where once loyalty programs were a zero sum game, with only so many spaces for loyalty cards on keyrings and in wallets, now smartphones allow for an almost unlimited amount of loyalty programs for which customers can subscribe. This creates a win/win situation amidst your location, your customers, and even your competitors.

Benefits of Retail Apps

dreamstime_xxl_59697483One of the best parts of having a retail app is that your loyalty program exists right where your customers eyes are most: On their phone. They use their phone to shop and connect with brands already, and now you can have a branded icon in the best way possible. Your customers can have loyalty programs or apps for all of your competitors without impacting their usage or reliance upon yours in any way, which has never been seen before. If all that isn’t good enough, the data your business receives about your raving fan customers can be used to better connect with them, understand them, and create more of them. Meanwhile, your fans feel like they are getting the better end of the deal by getting “free” rewards.

In-pocket Advertising

With our POS app, your customers can be shown relevant in-store advertising banners through our Shopper Display system, all while having the functionality to access your store, purchase gift cards, and view their loyalty rewards/tokens/etc. This basically functions in a way that a simple keychain card never could, and helps to drive repeat traffic back into your store (digital and brick-and-mortar alike).

Get Your Mobile POS System

By using technology designed for mobile devices, our point of sale app seamlessly connects with your brand’s loyalty app on your customer’s smartphone. By embracing the usage of mobile devices for retail shopping, you have the opportunity to confidently bring your store into the next age of shopper marketing and brand relevancy.

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