Why Marketing and Your POS Have More in Common Than You Think

By: Teamwork Commerce
Marketing & POS have a lot in common

The retail world has been revolutionized. The way retailers engage with customers has completely changed from what it was less than a decade ago. With the advances in technology and addition of smart phones, customers can now access a brand anywhere, at any time, from almost any device. This forces marketing departments to expand how and where they put their efforts.

In marketing, you need to be where the customer is, and retail has become the same way. The omnichannel experience has even allowed for customers to buy products through the same social media platforms that retailers market through; whether that be Facebook, Instagram, or even Snapchat.

This brings up the question: Why would a retailer only make their marketing efforts omnichannel and not the selling of their product as well?

A retailer must be able to meet their customer needs and sell where they are. Daily, a customer shops through multiple channels and this especially becomes true when an item they are looking for isn’t in stock in the current store, but available online or at another store. In this scenario, if the retailer is not omnichannel, they may lose the sale. If they are, the customer has the option to quickly and easily buy the item online or from another store and either pick it up or have it shipped to them. Store associates can see their previous purchases to best serve the customer and make them feel comfortable with their out of store purchase.

This level of effortless shopping is only possible if a retail operation is managed in such a way that there are no silos or friction in its commerce. Not only should the in-store experience be seamless, but the back-end operations should not have to be compromised. It should be just as easy to process these sales behind the scenes. If a retail operation doesn’t easily support this multi-channel shopping experience, the retailer will lose sales and possibly customers as a result.

Teamwork’s partner, TSYS realizes the importance of omnichannel and constantly adds in features that allow our mutual customers to truly have a seamless experience from end to end, whether in-store or online. Actions like returning an item at a store that was bought online are made easy with the forward-thinking payment processor. A point-of-sale’s partner relationships are an important piece to achieving a unified commerce experience.

Frictionless commerce is easiest to achieve with a retail management suite that has the capability to integrate with other best in breed proper platforms in a seamless way. When everything in the background talks to each other smoothly, this allows the customer to be unlimited in where they buy and how they buy.

To read more about omnichannel marketing by our partner, TSYS, please visit: https://bit.ly/2WaD8zb

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