Mobile POS For Entrepreneurs

By: Teamwork Retail

Teamwork Retail believes in helping small businesses, and our mobile point of sale systems make it easier than ever for entrepreneurs to make their pipe dreams into reality. With accessible, user-friendly PoS software that handles everything from stock counts to analytics to branded member apps, independent artists, craftsmen, and service providers now have the means to grow their business and enjoy financial success. Here are just a few examples of where our mobile point of sale software can really come in handy.

Craft Fairs

Flea markets and craft fairs are a great place for artists to expose a large number of people to their work. People frequent them for gift ideas and to find unique, handmade goods that aren’t available anywhere else. Having the support of a PoS system that can be accessed from your tablet or smartphone comes in handy for fast and easy credit card transactions.

Food Vendors

At parades, concerts, fairs, and those very same flea markets mentioned above, there is always an eclectic variety of food trucks and carts. If your dream is to take your grandma’s gyro recipe and share it with the world, just make sure you’re prepared to handle business from those customers who may not be carrying cash.


Large cities and urban areas are seeing an increase in the business of human-powered transportation. If you’re an avid cyclist, why not make money shuttling people around downtown with your own rickshaw? It’s environmentally friendly, it will keep you in shape, and people love the unique experience of being pulled by bicycle in a covered chariot. Our mobile point of sale can be there for a simple swipe and signature on your smartphone to get you paid at the end of each ride.

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