Save Your Sanity with Integrated Ordering

By: Teamwork Retail

Retail POS systems don’t have to mean “cash register” any longer. In fact, more and more retail establishments are switching away from static cash registers to shift instead toward a cloud-based, fully-integrated retail POS software system. The freedom gained by breaking away from the register is trumped only by the utility benefits of a fully integrated inventory, ordering, and purchasing system.

Why Integrated Ordering Is A Godsend

Think about the amount of time your team spends looking at supplies and placing orders. How many times a week are they tallying inventory, only to immediately turn around and repeat that for yet another order? Well, with integrated ordering, your system can show you exactly what you should be ordering, as well as what is coming and going from your store.

Tracking Changes in Real Time

When your inventory is in flux, so is the future of your inventory. With an integrated inventory and ordering system in place, you won’t have to worry about how small changes in your inventory will influence your future ordering, nor will you have to rely upon the typical margins of error found in a human-only system. Instead, every order, sale, return, exchange, and even online sale will be tracked and accounted for, then factored into your ordering inventory.

Ease of Access

In addition to updating in real-time, your order management will be far easier to access and understand. Since your inventory and sales management software are one and the same, you won’t have to train your people on an all-new technology for ordering and receiving spreadsheets or inventory management. Instead, the same tablet-based software that will function as your registers will also function as your inventory and ordering system. By having everything integrated onto one convenient retail POS system, you save your people time in training and everyday functions in one stroke.

Change is Tough

Perhaps the best reason to combine your systems under one retail POS system and cloud-based software is to avoid the constant changes brought about by numerous providers. If you have one system for inventory management, another for register software, and another still for shipping and receiving, then you’re three times as likely to have to re-learn software, deal with updates, and worry about cross-compatibility issues. Instead, you can use our convenient retail POS system to receive all of your updates and software management in one convenient place. Plus, if something isn’t working properly, it is far easier to fix it when you know who to call, rather than guessing at where the problem is actually found and bouncing between two sets of support teams.


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