Teamwork’s powerful Order Management System (OMS) can be directly connected to your ecommerce site. This provides an automated solution to generate shipments from either the warehouse or a store location based on real-time availability. When an order is created and the stock to fill it is located in one of your warehouses or at a retail store, the OMS sends instructions to the location’s iPad app.

Associates at the location will fill the order and ship it. Users of Cloud Headquarters – Teamwork’s web-based back office system – can modify orders as necessary, including editing shipping address or changing the fill location.

When the order is ready to be shipped, the POS app provides the ability to print packing slips and integrate with shipping services.

When the OMS receives confirmation of the shipment, it updates the customer’s order history and works with the email integration to provide notification. Teamwork’s innovative Order Fill Logic (OFL) makes fulfillment even easier. Orders received from ecommerce or a retail location can be automatically fulfilled from your preferred “primary location” or fulfilled based on a custom sequence. Once the order can be fulfilled by a location, OFL will automatically create a Ship Memo which then notifies that location to ship the order. OFL allows you to fill orders quickly and completely while still maintaining desired stock levels at each location.

Teamwork’s OMS has become an industry-leading platform that provides retailers with a real unified commerce solution. OMS is directly integrated with Teamwork’s inventory control system. This allows for real-time data flow and total accuracy in order management improving the customer’s experience both online and in the store.

With a constantly expanding set of features, Teamwork OMS will continue to grow into 2020 and beyond, allowing for quick fulfillment of both standard order types and special situations. It is now routinely going up against some of the top and most well-known OMS’s in the world and winning. Teamwork OMS is 100% global and capable of handling thousands of orders per hour.

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