Black Friday Retail Prep Tips

By: Teamwork Retail

teamworkretail_featured1Black Friday is coming. This “holiday,” created by the inevitable day off people have after Thanksgiving (which always falls on a Thursday), has created an entire industry and culture centered on retail shopping that has become a controversial staple for holiday season retail sales. Shoppers treat Black Friday as either the first or last stop on their holiday shopping and also buy a surprising amount of things for their own home; more importantly, it has become the largest day for retail sales throughout the entire year.

Preparing for the Storm

Control Supply

If you’ve done your due diligence in hiring and advertising your upcoming Black Friday offerings, you can expect to sell out of something. Predicting what will be your big ticket item is difficult, but incredibly necessary. A common tactic used by retailers for their Black Friday sale involves using a bait item to get people in the store, where they may find more things to splurge for. Be sure that you have enough of these and other items, as running out can turn customers away before they even make it through the door. Having too little supply can cost you sale opportunities, but too much means a surplus of stock you have to move before bringing in things that actually are selling.

Improve Throughput

Throughput is simply the amount of customers you are able to push through the sales process in an interval of time (typically per hour), and improving your throughput means lower wait times for customers, a steady flow of sales, and a less packed storefront. By effectively pushing down your line, you give the business more opportunities to connect with customers for sales. Having a modern point-of-sale solution that allows for tablet and phone order processing can give you the freedom to meet your customers where they are, even on the sales floor, and close out the transaction right away. Even just the ability to look up product information, demonstrate your digital marketplace, and otherwise educate customers on the sales floor using smarter point-of-sale solutions can be a huge game changer for your Black Friday sales.

Holiday Staffing

Don’t be left holding the bag due to poor communication or training on Black Friday; instead, make it clear to each new hire and seasoned veteran alike that Black Friday is an all-hands-on-deck day. If you’re hiring extra help for the holiday season, you’ll definitely want to train them on a specific need that you have. It is recommended that newer employees do the relatively easy jobs, and are not left in situations that require complex answers to questions customers have never asked before. Putting your business’ best face forward is crucial, and that means having your tried-and-true employees shine with the proper preparation and deployment.

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It isn’t too late to invest in a new point-of-sale solution for your business during the holiday season. Don’t let your antiquated system hold you back by not providing options your customers are expecting, such as loyalty programs, mobile POS systems, integrated digital and in-store supply, and more.


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