Elements Every Point of Sale System Needs

By: Teamwork Retail

There are a few things that any point-of-sale system needs to function in today’s retail economy. Now more than ever, it is crucial that retail managers and employees have access to more than just the standard cash register. Such features include:

Digital, Integrated Time Clock

Time clocks have become standard on many point-of-sale systems because of the incredible convenience that they offer. By integrating a digital time clock, your business has to require a passcode system of some sort, enabling the same system to act as a layer of protection for active cash registers.


Connection to Analytics

Another major innovation that has become standard is register integration to analytics, such as inventory counts, automatic ordering systems, and other performance-based metrics that help to track past performance and forecast future sales.

Link to E-Commerce

Perhaps the most important feature that even the most basic of modern point-of-sale solutions needs to have is some sort of connection and communication to e-commerce outlets for your business. Not only is this an expectation for modern consumers, but it can promote cross-sales from one avenue to the other and insure both inventories are synchronized.

All That, And More

By partnering with Teamwork Retail, you are getting all of these and far more. Our innovative cloud-based point-of-sale solution was designed to provide unparalleled features on one integrated platform. Don’t settle for the bare minimum in modern point-of-sale solutions, get ahead of the curve with our intuitive system today.


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