Increasing Sales at the Register, Part 2

By: Teamwork Retail

teamworkretail_featured2In our previous blog, we outlined a few key ways to increase sales at the register in your retail business; today, we’ll address even more key ways to promote the last-minute sales that can have a huge impact on your bottom line. After you’ve beefed up your signage, figured out what will sell, and utilized the all-powerful “sale,” be sure to try the following:

Offer unique rewards

Aside from a sale, nothing motivates customers as much as a reward program. Whether you enroll people into a long-term program designed to create return traffic or offer instant rewards for the sake of adding on additional items or driving up the final price tag, your rewards are only as useful as your customers know about them. Work on your cashiers’ sales pitch or use signage to promote any rewards you decide to offer.

Hold their hand

One barrier that holds back customers is simply a lack of understanding; if your product has a special feature or differentiator that they may not be able to immediately perceive, then be sure to inform them of that through your employees, signage, or on the product itself. Sometimes this only requires breaking down jargon barriers, others it’s as simple as mentioning it’s sourced locally.

Polished placement

It can’t be stressed enough: Placement is everything. If you’re hoping to drive sales at the registers, it is absolutely crucial that your displays are noticeable without being obtrusive. Never block your customers line-of-sight or walking paths, but be sure to make displays convenient and eye-catching. Placement is an art, and requires trial-and-error to truly master.

Get the best retail POS system

Consider also upgrading your retail POS system to increase the flow of customers through the line. By partnering with Teamwork Retail’s innovative retail POS system, you stand to gain a number of useful features, as well as cutting-edge reliability.


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