More Black Friday Retail Tips

By: Teamwork Retail

In our previous blog, we began sharing a list of ways you can maximize your retail store’s sales during Black Friday; today, we’ll cover even more ways to maximize your sales on one of the most popular days for retail sales throughout the entire year.

Maximizing Black Friday Sales

Get Organized

If you’re planning on having a Black Friday (or even Thanksgiving day) doorbuster event, then plan ahead for the potential crowd. There is little-to-no way of knowing whether 3 or 300 people will show up before you open, but you will absolutely want to have a plan for 300+ that allows for the safety of each customer. Consider using a number system, pre-making vouchers for limited big-ticket items, and always be sure to account for your store’s maximum occupancy for your customer’s safety. While cramming as many deal-hungry folks into your retail location as possible may seem like a good idea, numerous other retailers have learned that this method is less effective, effectively causing undue stress and danger for no reason.

Keep It Simple

Even big-box retailers have toned back Black Friday deals in a major way; this isn’t to say that they aren’t offering deals (they are), but they aren’t allowing lesser deals to cloud major ones. If your store isn’t somewhere that typically enjoys high traffic volumes, then don’t model your deals after a store that does. Often, small and large retail locations alike benefit from simple % off sales, modest doorbusters, and other natural deals. Don’t attempt to layer numerous complicated sales that fluctuate based upon time of day, effectively confusing cashiers and customers for little-to-no payoff. Have faith in your marketing efforts, which should be supported by simple, easy-to-understand deals that customers can get excited and show up for.

Spread the Love

Black Friday isn’t just a chance to capture sales and then relax on your accomplishments. Before your first guest even enters the store on Black Friday, you should already be thinking about (and implementing) the hook that will bring them back again and again. By offering return or repeat deals, promoting a future sale or event, or even simply offering each customer access to a loyalty program, you are sowing seeds for the future. Black Friday is only one day of the year, it doesn’t even capture all of the potential holiday sales you could get, so do not waste the opportunity to transform new customers into raving fans of your brand.

Keep Up

Black Friday is innately a competition for people’s attention and time, the retailers that can capture these most effectively will enjoy far more opportunities for sales. After all, the day is still only one day, which only allows shoppers a limited few hours to find their way throughout their planned stops. If you get customers into your store, you do not want to lose them to disinterest, limited supply, or long wait times at your register. Having a modern point-of-sale solution from Teamwork Retail can provide your cashiers with a speedy, responsive retail POS system, give your managers tablet access to your entire inventory for the sales floor, and ultimately improve the way your customers view your retail store’s relevancy in the digital age.


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