Staying On Top Of Your Orders

By: Teamwork Retail

There’s no question that the internet has allowed small businesses to thrive. Thanks to easy access to e-commerce website platforms, digital marketing, and point of sale solutions like those offered by Teamwork Retail, it is now easier than ever for artists, craftsmen, and entrepreneurs to sell their products online. And while this can provide people and small businesses with a healthy revenue stream, it can only be sustained with timely and reliable shipping. That may not be something you’d expect from your PoS software, but our comprehensive retail point of sale systems offer just that and much more!

Up-To-The-Minute Stock Counts

Managing your inventory is a task that doesn’t have to be a huge drain on your time. With a PoS system from Teamwork Retail in place, stock counts are updated automatically with each and every order. This also prevents the annoying circumstance in which somebody places an order for an item that isn’t in stock.

Received Orders & Payments

Every time you get an order through the Teamwork point of sale system, you’ll get notifications that ensure that no customer slips through the cracks. You will have all the necessary shipping information at your fingertips, and once a package ships out, you’ll be able to change the order status and add tracking info to keep your customer updated.

Easy Shipments

With our point of sale solutions, you will have the power to manage all your store’s receiving and transfers from any computer or tablet with an internet connection. That includes drop shipments, special notices, inter-store requests, and stock balancing.

In addition to giving you the tools you need to manage sales, market to your customers, and analyze sales data, Teamwork Retail can help you stay organized with your inventory and shipping procedures. To learn what else our PoS software can do for you, click here!

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