What CRM Can Do For Your Retail Business

By: Teamwork Retail

If you operate a retail business in today’s modern world and you still don’t know what CRM is, it’s time to learn what this powerful tool can do for you. Teamwork Retail delivers point of sale solutions to retail clients all across the country, and that includes powerful customer relations management, or CRM, tools to help you promote and grow your business.

Data Collection & Management

One of the things CRM can do for you is provide a convenient, accessible way to keep track of every interaction between your customers and your business. That means sales patterns, site visits, app usage, and purchase history. These data can be presented in clear, easy-to-read charts that help you zero in on trends. Having this much information at your fingertips can be a powerful thing!

Customer Engagement

Some of your customers might be regulars, while others are sporadic shoppers and one-time visitors to your store. Our powerful CRM software allows you to target each type of customer through promotions that encourage people to come back. These promotions can be specifically delivered only to customers whose profile matches certain criteria, allowing you to send customized offers without spamming everybody in your address book.


From the cash register to your website to email to your store’s branded app, CRM is at work, tracking every interaction and engaging customers in effective ways. Few point of sale solutions have as much to offer as CRM, and Teamwork Retail excels at delivering a powerful system along with a comprehensive suite of retail PoS tools. Contact us today for a free demo!

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