TeamworkCares is a volunteer branch of Teamwork Commerce to raise awareness of the challenges of systemic racism and supporting equality around the world by taking direct action that provides financial benefit and opportunity to underserved people. Teamwork employees use their collective skills, knowledge, and ideas to positively impact change through education and community initiatives.

With this as our vision, we have been actively seeking out opportunities to engage, support and drive meaningful change in our community and the world around us. One event that we recently got involved in as part of this commitment, was the Black Lives Matter virtual 5K supported by Virtual Strides.

As the founder of Virtual Strides notes:

“I want to be crystal clear: Deeply rooted systemic racism exists in the United States. We at Virtual Strides condemn police brutality and stand in solidarity with all people of color. We may only be a small business with a handful of employees, but that doesn’t mean we should not do our part to ever so slightly move the needle toward equality and justice for all in the best way that we are able, by holding a virtual race to support this very important movement. The quote on this medal’s ribbon is from Martin Luther King, Jr. and reads “There comes a time when silence is betrayal.” We will not be silent.”

At Teamwork Commerce we unequivocally stand up and support this perspective, making this event a great opportunity for Teamwork Commerce staff to support this event & assist Virtual Strides in creating an effective event.

We had so much interest from our staff, that the leadership team decided to sponsor anyone at Teamwork Commerce to support the 5K reimbursing 40+ participants that completed the virtual 5K! This event was a great success, many of our team got family & friends involved, completing their runs together in solidarity! Overall through this event we were able to raise over $1,200 to support Black Lives Matter & spread awareness around the issue of systemic racism to many within our company, our network & friends/family.

The next community action event is in support of MyStuffBags Foundation, a charity that collects belongings for underprivileged children across the country. If you would like to donate items, or Amazon gift cards, send us an email:

Want to learn more, or support our next event: