Guest Bio

  • Jon Mauerer | VP of Operations
  • As the VP of operations at Teamwork Commerce, Jon works with clients across the globe, coordinating incoming clients and driving continued engagement after the sale. In his role he works closely with all internal departments throughout the organization as well with Teamwork Commerce’s partners, clients and prospects. In this episode he’ll be sharing the history of Teamwork, providing an overview of our retail management software solution.


  • The origins | 2011
  • Teamwork Commerce started on the iOS platform in 2011, launching as a mobile point of sale platform for retailers, enabling an engaging retail experience. Over time the retail tool has developed to embrace all key functions of retail including: Order Management, Inventory Management, eCommerce, Analytics & Customer Relationship Management.
  • The Functionality | Modules
    • Mobile Point of sale exclusively running on iOS devices
    • The Cloud Backend
  • The point of sale is natively integrated into the backend system enabling endless aisle functionality, cross channel order management software and essential tools to support frictionless commerce for the consumer. Our clients can provide a singular experience for the customer regardless of the channel they are shopping on.
  • Real Time Availability | Seamless Experience
  • Retailers need to be able to view inventory across channels, with Teamwork Commerce we recognize the location of every SKU to drive a true endless aisle experience, products can be readily identified, allocated and shipped to a location or customer all directly from the point of sale platform.
  • The Partner Ecosystem | Best Of Breed
  • Teamwork Commerce leverages extensive partnerships across a range of technology solutions to drive effective operational efficiencies across channels. The goal of Teamwork is to great the best group of partners that enable an out of the box experience to drive engaging retail experiences everywhere.