Guest Bio

Alex Goodwin | Digital Marketing Manager

Alex is a more recent member of the Teamwork Commerce team, with a background in marketing consulting across the B2C & B2B world, Alex joined the team to drive forward a more engaging marketing strategy across digital channels that seeks to empower a broader awareness of the technology solution in addition to creating a memorable engagement experience with prospective retailers.


Reaching customers across channels is a challenge for retailers, being able to offer an exceptional customer experience on every retail channel is essential. But, being able to convince consumers to choose your products in a congested marketplace is even more difficult.

Effective marketing started with the customer in the center, retailers have to empower customers to become brand advocates by delivering class leading customer experience by leveraging social media engagement. Brands can leverage one positive experience to create a trend of highly visible case studies and direct customer experiences that drive continued engagement.

B2B + B2C can be the same, B2B marketing is not linear, taking a proactive approach to the customer enables unique value for the retailer. As a tech solution we have to prove our value to the end customer, if this succeeds the value for the retailer becomes directly visible and the sales process is simple.