Guest Bio

Tori Beal | Human Resources Manager

Tori has been a part of the Teamwork Commerce team for a little while, and as a result has a complete understanding of the culture, values and ethos at the core of the Teamwork brand. Through her role she has been essential at establishing a collective company culture that supersedes borders!


Teamwork Is The Core Value

  • Tori joined Teamwork because she saw the value of a collective group striving to bring positive change to the retail industry as well as the culture of positivity and collaboration.
  • "I don't think at Teamwork you have to check a part of yourself at the door, you can be your full self & embrace your uniqueness."
  • Diversity helps you to go beyond yourself, an environment where you can feel welcome and able to experience a variety of different things is so meaningful.

“Our differences, our cultures, that collective & when we all come together is what helps to make Teamwork so dynamic.”

  • When we celebrate our differences and our uniqueness that enhances the work environment and the experience for every staff member.
  • When we bring our full self to the table we get the most out of our teams and drive a more cohesive work environment in which everyone can thrive.

Teamwork Is Global

  • New staff have to be adaptable, we are always improving, striving towards the next goal or development, new staff have to be adaptable and open to growing, pivoting and innovating to drive overall growth.
  • Positivity is key, staff have to believe in being a part of a team and bring energy to the workplace, company and culture. New staff need to jump in and be engaged, eager to grow and be part of something that is bigger than themselves.