Guest Bio

Amber Hovious | VP of Partnerships & Marketing

The TeamworkCommerce platform is built on a natively integrated framework, this strong foundation enables Teamwork Commerce to provide efficient omnichannel functionality to retailers across industries, with the strong cloud backend, retailers are able to connect a variety of legacy systems, tools and integrations to drive more engaging retail experiences. But what are the challenges of creating this kind of ecosystem? Amber Hovious, VP of marketing & Partnerships at Teamwork Commerce joins us to discuss. Amber has been part of the Teamwork Commerce family for 7 years, building out the marketing strategy, business growth and approach as well as cultivating a wide array of partnership relationships to drive long term success.


Unified commerce is everything right now as technology has grown and especially with the challenges of Covid-19 and the limitations that result from this in a retail operation perspective. It is more important than ever that there's flexibility within the retail environment and the different systems working together so unified commerce when done successfully can remove friction and effectively empower seamless retail experiences.

I think one of the unique things that sets teamwork apart is our partnerships.

It's our relationships, our ability to talk to our partners to get on the phone with them to help troubleshoot together. It's hard to troubleshoot problems in individual silos, without reconciling the connected pieces. When they are connected it is much quicker to solve those issues. We can troubleshoot together we can plan ways to make even more effective integrations together.

One of the most important things is identifying partners that will be valuable in the long term & a good partner for our clients is their roadmap, what have they got planned and where is their business going, if the system is built around an established architecture we can effectively grow the combined solution to provide more value in the long term and avoid common retail technology challenges that arise from siloed retail.