Donations and Humanitarianism:

Inspire your customers to purchase by making it a win-win, a win for them and a win for our shared fight against Coronavirus. Margaux has been donating 10% of all sales to support health workers at hospitals and Of Mercer is donating 20% of their sales to Meals on Wheels!

We Are Family:

Your loyal customers have been with you for a long time; leverage all the insight you have about them and their taste to check in on them and show them that your relationship goes beyond buying and selling.

Endear tip: With our CRM, you can figure out exactly who your top customers are and send them private offers that may help you move any lingering inventory and reward them for their loyalty.

Expertise at a Distance:

Some brands like Nora Gardner have been offering customers free phone call consultations and styling sessions over Zoom to help customers figure out what they'll need when the crisis ends. Keeping customers' minds off of the current situation and giving them something to look forward to (like wearing their spring or summer wardrobe!) is a great way to help them cope.

Endear tip: You can support these sessions by creating Lookbooks in Endear to help customers narrow down their options.

Free Shipping and Extended Return Policies:

If your customers can't come to your store, make it a no-brainer to buy online. On top of promotions on products, Rebag has eliminated shipping costs to motivate customers to purchase and extended their usual return window to accommodate customers who need more time to coordinate logistics because of the current limitation on resources.

Special Teamwork offer: Brands new to Endear who sign up this month can use the app for free until June 30th while stores are closed. Use code remoteretail during sign-up or contact to learn more.