2020 has been a tough year for the retail industry. The challenges of the COVID-19 crisis have been compounded by social tension, protests and riots. All of which have greatly impacted consumer sentiment and our shared culture more broadly.

Earlier this year, we recognized the challenges of the COVID crisis; we started several initiatives to empower our clients to keep operating despite financial strain, we supported retail staff by sending free masks, and we supported our team to keep working however they felt safe.

The challenges of systemic racism have become overwhelmingly visible in 2020, the outcries for real change and meaningful action has been clear. At Teamwork, we think it is time to take action. Our company is diverse, culturally, ethnically, lingually and we benefit from that. The merging of ideas, visions and views of the world have shaped our products, services and operations helping the company to succeed in a competitive marketplace.

We certainly do not have all the answers, but we are willing to listen, learn and offer our help. That is why we are launching a new branch of Teamwork Commerce designed to empower, support and encourage underserved groups across the U.S.

Introducing: Teamwork Cares

TeamworkCares is a volunteer branch of Teamwork Commerce, created to raise awareness of the challenges of systemic racism and supporting equality around the world by taking direct action that provides financial benefit and opportunity to underserved people. Teamwork employees use their collective skills, knowledge, and ideas to positively impact change through education and community initiatives.

This project comprises 4 initiatives, each designed to apply the collective skillsets of our team to drive meaningful change in our community and beyond.

Entrepreneur/Adult Mentorship

Sometimes hard work, a good education and a good idea are not enough to succeed in a highly competitive and entrenched marketplace. This initiative is designed to support entrepreneurs & young professionals of color as they seek to navigate the world of business. This will be accomplished through partnerships with entrepreneurial incubators, business chambers, universities and other organizations. This mentorship will offer overviews of key skill sets, marketing assistance, networking opportunities & ongoing support.

Student Mentorship

Technology is the present & the future, operating on the leading edge of the retail technology marketplace has driven Teamwork to become a collection of innovative and connected minds in the technology space. In collaboration with community organizations, this initiative seeks to impact curiosity in learning, self confidence/self respect to encourage a passion for school & technology careers.

Community Action

Events can be impactful, effective and eye-opening. Through this initiative Teamwork will connect with community leaders, organizations and events to support, encourage and participate in local events to drive change around the key issues. This initiative will support local charity events, as well as host our own to incite more activity and engagement within our community.

Marketing & Communications

It would be oversight to not re-evaluate everything Teamwork can do internally to support these issues. Through internal communications & events we will welcome all to share their stories and live their truth. Additionally, this initiative will promote local businesses, community events, and support the entrepreneurs and businesses that participate in the mentorship program. The goal of this initiative is to promote black voices and encourage meaningful opportunities for change.

Stay tuned for additional updates regarding #teamworkcares. If you are interested in providing assistance or participating in this program email: marketing@teamworkcommerce.com