Convenience and access are in high demand as customers continue to look for engaging retail experiences, but now with greater expectations and wider access through physical locations, digital channels and social media. In a recent study conducted by Qualtrics, 65% of customers said that their experience on the website or app would be a “very important” factor in their willingness to recommend a brand. Customer experience excellence is primarily derived from 5 key factors:

Channel Flexibility


Purchase Convenience

Simplicity & Ease Of Use


Effectively mastering all of these factors can be problematic, many of these elements, like channel flexibility and ease of use, represent the standard within the industry. To provide a customer experience that exceeds basic expectations, brands have to develop a more refined experience crafted around the specific needs of each customer. This all starts with higher engagement and consistent communication across all retail channels.

Leveraging Omnichannel Live Chat

Live chat provides an array of benefits for driving an engaging and individualized customer experience online through social messaging platforms, video, or a brand’s website

“10x decrease in the odds of making contact with a lead after just 5 minutes without a response” - Drift Study

Customer online conversations should be an engaging element of the customer experience, starting with a personalized experience at the point of identifying products. During the live chat process customers need to feel welcomed, empathized with, and understood. While there are a host of product issues on a daily basis, every issue is an opportunity to drive a positive experience that can lead to long-term customer loyalty and engagement.

Live chat enables growth and connection, enforcing a solidified brand identity established within every customer conversation, similar to the in-store experience. A strong brand identity will attract new customers and increase customer loyalty. Using branded messaging and templates will enable a consistent brand experience that drives word of mouth marketing and earned media impressions. Customers seek instant access to key information they desire, and with increased technology accessibility, it is easier than ever to meet these needs. However, retailers need to adapt to create a more customer-centric experience.

Integrating Customer Relationship Management Across All Channels

“63% of retail personnel can’t identify customers prior to checkout” - Boston Retail Partners

Curbside pickup offers retailers and customers even more ways to stay connected and engaged with each other. By integrating curbside pickup into existing POS, retailers have the convenience of providing end-to-end shopping journeys from anywhere. Sales associates can leverage video chat to communicate directly with customers, and coordinate inventory review to deploy products to the curbside where and when needed. They can also coordinate and arrange customers to pick up products ordered online at their preferred store.

Curbside pickup and buy online pickup in store (BOPIS), shortens the fulfillment cycle and saves on shipping costs. With an integrated CRM and order management system retailers can access targeted information about every customer and ensure all customer interaction is relevant, engaging and based on customer history. Customers can stay connected without the need to spend a lot of time in store, and can shop within their preferred environment. A complete omnichannel approach across all channels will drive a more straightforward, convenient and engaging experience for stores.

Adopting Cloud Mobile POS

“30% YOY increase in mobile payment implementations” - Statista

Mobile point of sale is continuing to revolutionize the retail experience, enabling accessibility between customers and retail staff to continue to drive customer relationships. The mobility of the POS tool enables a flexible retail experience, customers can be served immediately after trying the product, additional POS can be added in minutes to reduce wait times.

“79% of customers are frustrated with impersonal shopping experiences” - Segment

The combination of mPOS and increased innovation in payment types has enabled a seamless payment experience in store as well as online. POS will remain the center of an engaging customer journey, leveraging customer data, purchase history and shopping habits enhance the purchase experience and drive sales. Customers are seeking touch-free experiences across all channels for their own convenience, safety and comfort. Retailers are also seeking to drive personalized customer experiences, based on consumer needs and desires, as well as the unique offerings of the retail store.

Clientelling and customer relationship management are critical in the end-to-end customer journey, no matter the preferred purchase channel being used. Teamwork is working with strategic partner Tulip to help brands connect with their customers & provide personalized experiences. To learn more about our partner Tulip visit: