Finding Uniqueness in a Brick and Mortar

By: Teamwork Retail

With our world turning towards technology at every corner, we’re sadly seeing more and more brick and mortar businesses closing their doors. eCommerce stores are more prevalent than ever, allowing people to just open up a page on their computer or smartphone, press a few buttons, and have whatever they need to be shipped right to their home. Online shopping offers infinite items that physical stores could never compete with inventory wise. However, while it is oftentimes difficult to make waves in terms of standing out against online stores, there are a few tips to make your store unique against larger stores. It just takes a little bit of creativity…


Creativity Stems Far Past Big Marketing

In the face of the growing world of eCommerce, brick and mortar businesses are becoming more and more sparse. Therefore, it’s oftentimes hard to market your smaller, physical shop against larger eCommerce businesses, like Amazon, who already have a huge presence across the country. While many managers and owners might have big ideas for the store, their ideas may not stand a chance in the shadows of big, online stores. However, marketing on a smaller, local level isn’t something big eCommerce stores are as capable of.


There are some easy ways to stand out locally that big eCommerce can’t compete with. Some examples include attending local events, such as charity runs, picnics, holiday gatherings, etc., as a group. Wear something that would make your group stand out such as the store’s clothing. Not only is this a fun and good bonding activity, but it could help your brick and mortar stand out in the local community! Additionally, volunteering as a group is also an excellent, and very beneficial, way to make your store more visible. While eCommerce stores can offer infinite products right on their phone, they can’t make the same impression on your local community that a brick and mortar can.


Organization is Key

eCommerce, though organized by pages, categories, and more, can be fairly overwhelming, especially if users aren’t looking for something specific. While their marketing could be geared to make certain things stand out, shoppers could never truly know what a product or clothing item looks like until they see it physically. Leverage this in your brick and mortar through organization. Always make sure your store is clean, items are exactly where they should be, and that your inventory is placed strategically. Your best items should be most visible and put front and center.


Organization also stems far past strategic inventory placement. Organization also exists within how the customers are treated and maneuvered in your store. Ensure happy customers by always engaging with them and giving them first-hand assistance with shopping. Pointing them towards items that they’re in need of and making suggestions if they’re not quite sure of what they want yet.


The draw of eCommerce is that it’s fast. Most people, when shopping, don’t want to spend all day in the store. Streamline the process by helping customers with anything they need. Also, having a fast and easy to use POS system for retail at checkout can ensure that customers can come in, shop, and check out without a hassle!


Helpful employees stand out

Great, engaged employees are something brick and mortar businesses have that eCommerce businesses don’t. A helpful employee not only ensures that your customers are happy and feel welcome, but it can also truly make your brick and mortar stand out against online competitors. How many times have you called you called an online business and had to go through several minutes of automated messages and being on hold before you could talk to a real person? Most customers appreciate employees being available to assist them with inquiries. And, a helpful and interested employee makes this process better for both sales and future traffic to your store.


Brick and mortars aren’t a thing of the past. With the help of some creativity, a good POS system for retail, and helpful employees, your business could surely stand out against eCommerce. Be sure to download and implement Teamwork Retail POS system at your business for both organization and ease of access.

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