Leverage Your Sales Floor

By: Teamwork Retail

No business owner likes to imagine that they are missing or wasting opportunities to generate revenue, but many retail locations are doing just that. If your team cannot interact with customers and finalize sales directly on the sales floor, then you have to wonder how many sales you miss every day.

The Luxury of Portable Retail POS Systems

Other Industry Snapshots

To understand the importance of a portable retail POS system that allows your team to make a sale on the sales floor itself, rather than only at a static register, it is best to first look at how other industries view their version of the sales floor. The following examples metaphorically illustrate the necessity of reaching the customer where they are in the buying process:

Quick-Service Restaurants

Odds are high that you have been to a quick-service restaurant in the past couple of weeks; you may or may not have noticed or have already taken advantage of the now popular “online ordering” systems many of these have implemented. These systems are simple: They allow customers to pick up food without waiting in line (the QSR equivalent to a sales floor), but offer even more benefits to the restaurant; for instance, the sale is all but guaranteed, volume is easier to predict and forecast in real-time, and, most importantly, the restaurant isn’t losing out on rushed customers that aren’t going to wait in a long line.

Vehicle Sales

This is perhaps one of the oldest examples of reaching the customer where they are, but has begun to become even more streamlined in the digital era. It seems like you can’t even set foot on a car lot without being approached by at least one person; while this can seem annoying to some, the dealership’s logic is quite simple: If you’re here, you’re going to buy from someone; if you leave, then it won’t be from us. Now, care salespeople wielding tablets and other technologies can all but close a sale outdoors or, at the very least, collect the potential buyer’s contact information.

Online Retailers

Taking queues from the competition is never a bad idea, especially if they work. When you’re browsing on a large digital retailer, you’ll notice a few interesting things happening. First, the shop itself will make recommendations pertinent to your search history or the items you’re currently viewing. Second, these items will follow you around everywhere you go on the internet, always just a click away from a purchase. Finally, the retailer will almost certainly capture customer information to present more direct sale opportunities in the future. Each and every one of these are tactics that your well-trained retail team can and should execute on the sales floor.

Our Retail POS System

By taking advantage of the powerful portable tools available through the Teamwork Retail POS retail system, you can meet your customer where they are and prevent sales from being left on the sales floor. Your team will be able to use each of these tools in real-time on a suite of tablets and mobile options that will immediately replace all of your traditional registers and analytics systems.

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