Retail Email Marketing for Small Business

By: Teamwork Retail

There are a tremendous amount of sales and growth available to those small businesses that are able to put marketing engagement strategies, such as email marketing, to use in their business model; don’t be intimidated, because email marketing isn’t just for the big guys in the industry any longer.

Affordably Connect Directly with Your Past Customers

One of the benefits that comes with a retail location in the 21st century business world is the ease with which you can re-capture sales from repeat customers. In a digital world, where anyone can order anything online and have it arrive at their door in a matter of hours, people pride themselves on frequenting a local small business for certain retail purchases. In order to reach that point, however, you need to be able to re-capture their business and ensure you remain top-of-mind whenever they need a product you sell; perhaps the best way to achieve this is with email marketing efforts.

Capture Data

The first thing your business needs to implement a successful and affordable email marketing strategy is data. We aren’t talking about the kind of data you buy in the form of sales leads – those don’t work, anyway – but rather the type that your customers will almost always willingly hand over. By signing up a customer for a rewards app and capturing their contact data, you can later remind them to come back or thank them for coming, drive them to your online shop, and even offer them a unique promotion. Think about it this way: If you aren’t capturing data from your customers, then every sale you get from them could easily be your last.

Turn Fans into Raving Fans

As mentioned above, the advantage your small business has over online megastores isn’t likely to be found in product offerings, but from better service and the pride that comes from supporting local business. In order to turn your fans into raving fans, you’ll need them to come back – often. Of course, this means you’ll be growing your brand’s fans into raving fans, capturing sales in the process, but you can and will encourage them to share their experience with others they know. This word-of-mouth marketing from your biggest fans is the most powerful and compelling marketing available to any business and has the power to jumpstart a tremendous wave of growth in your business, but it is entirely contingent upon your ability to nurture this relationship. While it may sound crazy, email marketing was designed to do just that; by connecting with your fans directly through their inbox, you can encourage the return visits they need to fall in love with your store.

Integrated Retail POS Systems

If you’re interested in email marketing for your business, you can leave an email list sign up sheet on the counter in the vain hope that people will be interested, only to leave you paying an email marketing company for a service they designed for much larger businesses or you can upgrade to an integrated retail POS system that offers you a whole lot more. Through Teamwork Retail, your customers can enjoy a unique retail app that seamlessly integrates with your in-store and online inventory, while simultaneously offering them a vastly improved in-store experience and capturing their data for future email marketing efforts – all in one tablet-friendly, cloud-based retail POS system.

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