Scaling Retail POS Systems for Small Businesses

By: Teamwork Retail

There is no single solution to serve every business out there. Not only are there nuanced facets to every type of small business, even among retail, but the companies that provide these solutions aim to serve completely different sectors of the retail world; for a small business, seeking out the best retail solution for a big-box store would be a tremendous (and costly) misstep.

Selecting the Right Software for Your Size

When you’re browsing the functionality of a new software for your business, it is important that you prioritize only the services that solve a problem your business has, not those that will rack up a more expensive tally for the company providing your retail POS system. Here is how to know whether what you’re looking at is right for you, or just puffery designed to snag much bigger (or smaller) fish in a product that won’t be optimal for your business.

Avoid the “Only Here” Fallacy

You’re in the business of sales. As a small business retail store owner, you make your living by buying smart and selling fast, but there are plenty of businesses that stake their livelihood on you – or rather, your ability to sign on the line. Now, of course, you will need to do business with many such companies, but it is important that you never be swept up in the feeling that you can only get this deal or service from one provider. Instead, keep your options open and think carefully about the potential to get a return on your investment in a particular company’s product, especially when it comes to software, before signing on the line. After all, converting to a new retail POS system is a major feat, especially when managed poorly, that you will not want to have to re-do.

Apples to Oranges

Don’t forget, not all businesses (even your size) are yours. Your company has unique needs and an even more unique clientele; you need a solution that serves those needs, not the needs of another company altogether. Just because a retail POS system is working for your neighbor, acquaintance, grandmother, or dog, that doesn’t meant it will work for your company. If you’re trying to create a truly unique company that fills a unique need for your customers, then treating another company’s experience with POS software as your own would be like comparing apples to oranges.

Learn What’s Possible & What You Need

The best way to find a retail POS system that is right for your growing business isn’t to research what other business claim is working or not, but to learn what is possible in POS software, then figure out where your needs align with that. For instance, our retail POS system has the ability to offer your customers an integrated experience that begins with effective in-store/online inventory management, portable and on-site sales systems, effective databasing and marketing, personalized retail app interactivity, and even email marketing to net return business your best customers and one-time visitors alike. If these solutions sound like they can solve some engagement problems your retail business may have, then the Teamwork Retail POS system may be right for you.

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