Shopify and Teamwork provide a seamless integration.

Shopify Plus, Shopify’s enterprise-grade solution for high volume merchants and large business, is a top of the
line, secure, ecommerce platform. Teamwork Retail has developed a seamless integration with Shopify Plus to provide our customers a true omnichannel experience.

We know the amount of effort it takes to run a business and that’s why Shopify is the perfect avenue to take
your sales to the next level. With streamlined set-up and easy-to-use features, Shopify makes managing an
ecommerce store quick and painless all the while providing an excellent solution to create a beautiful website
and manage your online store.

Shopify helps get retailers up and running in the ecommerce race. Its ease of use and powerful templates make it an ideal solution. Businesses need to grow, and Shopify Plus working with Teamwork
represents a great solution for accomplishing that objective.

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Changing the Way You Do Business

The Teamwork Retail solution provides our retailers:
• A unified commerce platform providing retailers a truly frictionless omnichannel experience
• Cloud and mobile solutions with a very light technology footprint but packed with functionality
• Embracement of the customer, not just the inventory, as the single most important asset of the retailer
• A technical architecture that allows connectivity with other best in breed platforms to enhance business agility