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Teamwork Commerce is so much more than just another POS.

We are a unified commerce platform.

Choosing the Right Commerce System Can Transform Your Business


You don't want a POS that is a P.O.S! Changing retail platforms is a big deal that requires commitment and expense. Replacing solutions every few years, is a waste of your time and money. Instead, you need one that is continuously innovating to meet market demands and one that utilizes cutting-edge technology. Teamwork Commerce is comprised of mostly development and support. We are always looking at new technologies and improving our system to stay ahead of the curve.


You’ve heard of omnichannel, but what does that truly mean? Typically a retailer’s channels consist of in-store, a website, and a mobile application, to name a few. Many solutions claim to be omnichannel by stating they support each of those channels, but at Teamwork we take it a step further. We not only support all those channels, but provide the same experience on all those channels and organize those channels around one central database. This means one catalog and one CRM that serves all channels.


We are much more than just a Point-of-Sale system. We cover a lot of the retailer’s needs, but we don’t do everything. ERP systems, eCommerce, email marketing, and tax solutions are a few of the integrations that we specialize in. With straightforward API’s, we make integrations as easy as possible so you can push and pull information to and from Teamwork.


With Teamwork operating on the cloud, you can access and manage your headquarters anywhere with an internet connection. Additionally, cloud services give you real-time information for merchandise, sales, associate performance, and more. Teamwork gives you access to these reports on our Dashboard mobile phone app, Analytics app for iPads, or in Cloud Headquarters online.


Complementing the cloud aspect of Teamwork Commerce are our native apps on iOS devices. This means if internet connection is down, you are still able to perform transactions.
By leveraging both benefits of cloud services and native applications on devices, we give you the best of both worlds.

Platform Capability Highlight

CRM Universal Customer

One central database for all customer profiles. It is designed to provide real-time customers and transaction data regardless of channel. Connecting you to your customer whether in-store, online, or on mobile apps.

Cloud-Based Apps

Because data is stored in the cloud, you always have access to real-time data across all channels. Our strong integrations with other platforms, along with our cloud-based applications allows you to use one central database for better workflows and business decisions.

Native Apps

Important data is stored on the cloud, but the applications are stored natively on the device. That means you can continue using the applications, such as ringing up sales, if the internet goes down. Once internet is back up all data is pushed up to the cloud and everything will synchronize.

Advanced CRM

From marketing campaigns to membership programs to loyalty rewards programs, we provide extensive CRM capabilities to enhance customer experience and thus increase customer interaction.

Member App

Omni-channel branded website or mobile applications to increase sales and frequency with access to loyalty rewards, coupons, gift cards and purchase history. Already have a site? Teamwork Commerce can connect via API to your eCommerce platform.

Member Kiosk

A tablet application that allows a customer to self-register in store. Once connected a customer will be recognized across all applications.

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"We implemented Teamwork POS through our UK and US store portfolio between 2016 and 2018. A big undertaking for any business, the implementation and development team worked alongside us and other 3rd party partners to deliver the project. Teamwork has shown a willingness to go above and beyond to ensure we have a product which fits our business."
- Lewis Hamilton, Head of Ecommerce
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"Teamwork has allowed us to truly manage our inventory on all channels. The in-store experience is smooth for our customers and the back-end experience is smooth for my staff. Teamwork allows us to concentrate on doing what we love and are good at!"
- Rony Vardi, Owner
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"Teamwork has allowed us to match our POS system with the image of our stores and the product we sell.  Additionally, the system has allowed us to manage our inventory as well as make more informed decisions that has led to greater efficiencies and higher profit margins."
- Stephen Stachel, President
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"In the past, we had to find workarounds to make the system work for us. At Teamwork, they discuss your work flows and alter their programming if need be to make the software make your business more efficient. I made the decision to go with Teamwork Retail based on my faith in Michael.  I have no regrets and would certainly do it again if I were researching a software partner today. "
- Jeffrey Badler, Owner
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"Teamwork’s strength lies not only in the wealth of innovation they bring to our retail and online operations; they are a partner who is continually helping us look to the future."
- Tom Healy, Senior Director IT